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We supply bulk aggregate, sand and asphalt on a range of tippers and grab vehicles varying in capacity allowing us to cater for all our customer needs.


In addition to the virgin/quarried aggregate we also have recycled and topsoil products available with a wide range of aggregate, sand and decorative products available in bulk & mini bags (see bagged products for details).


Bulk Aggregates Applications
Type 1 Sub Base

Graded 40mm down with a range of particle sizes to create an easily compactable product which will provide a good quality sub base layer with excellent load bearing capability for use in highways, car parks, footpaths, driveways, hardstandings, houses etc. MOT Type 1 is very commonly specified & supplied (Conforms to Ministry of Transport Specification).


A sub base product generally containing more fines than Type 1 used in driveways, paths and oversites

Crusher Run More commonly 80mm down to dust (though larger sized material available) uses include hardcore, Trenchfill, Backfill, capping layer, embankment, oversites 

4mm down to dust, generally used for cable ducting, trenchfill, backfill, capping layer

Single Size/Graded Products

Various sizes available including 4/10mm, 10/20mm, 20/40mm, 40/80mm. Used in various applications – concrete production, slab and pipe bedding, drainage stone, backfill, road construction


Most commonly Building sand and Concrete Sand - various applications – concrete production, block paving, patios, landscaping, 

All In Ballast

A mixture of sand and 4/20mm aggregate this product is used in the onsite production of concrete for foundations, footings, slabs etc 

50mm Track Ballast

Our Rail Ballast product, also available in bulk bags is used for bedding and packing of railway sleepers and meets the Network Rail Specification for Rail Ballast

Decorative Aggregates Wide range of products available for use in landscaping, planting borders, water features, pathways, drives etc most popular products include Plum Slate, Cotswold, Golden Flint & Pea Gravel
Recycled Aggregate

We have recycled Type 1 & Crusher run products available which provide a cost effective sustainable alternative to virgin aggregate